Advantage of Packaging Plastic Food Containers with Shrink Wrap
  • 2018-01-16 16:45:44
In the previous article, we've introduced you abundant applications of shrink wrap for different products, such as a box of chocolate, a printing magazine, a set of coca cola, a fruit basket, a pair of battery, you name it. Some plastic food container manufacturers also offer shrink wrap as a packaging solutions for wholesalers all over the world. Don't have a clue why shrink wrap is so widely applied? Read on to see the reason.

Advantage of Using Shrink Wrap as A Packaging Solution
1. Affordable Price
1). Cost of Shrink Wrap is Reasonable
The price of shrink wrap is more reasonable than other packaging options like cardboard boxes. It will save lots of your budget if you choose shrink wrap as your wholesale packaging solution. 

2). Lower Freight Because Product Size Reduce
Stuffed dolls have a takes up larger space than its actual volume. As shrink wrap is a packaging method that surrounds plastic films around the products and applies heats to shrink the film to the product sizes. Heat shrink can reduce more unnecessary space and keeps it sealed. Moreover, the weight with shrink wrap is lighter than that with cardboard box.

However price doesn't necessary means worse effect. Instead, shrink wrap works perfectly to protect products inside.

2. Protection
1). Protect Products from Impact
There are lots of space remained when packaging products in cardboard boxes, so bubble bags are stuffed around each products to prevent impact while transporting. This will to some extent, put on weight of the product load. However, shrink wrap can gather bundled items together as one and it's impact-proof.

2). Protect Products from Scratches
Glass food containers, electric appliance and more are easily scratched, if don't have any outer packaging, it's very easy that it gets scratched. A shrink wrap can prevent this.

3). Protect product from Dust
Goods are not always sell once after their arrival. Instead, it is possible that it is placed on the showing stand for months. Shrink wrap works perfectly to keep dust out and when tear off the shrink wrap, the goods will be brand new.

3. Preservation
Some perishable items might go bad while shipping if not well packaged. The reason why foods get perish very short is that there are too much or too little oxygen, cross contamination, too much or too little moisture, and bacteria. Shrink wrap is perfectly sealed so it's a perfect solution to prevent cross contamination and bacteria to contact the foods and contains adequate oxygen, moisture and temperature for the food. Thus, shelf life of these perishable foods can be extended.

4. See-Through Pack
As shrink wrap film is commonly clear, we can see the items through the wrapping film. It's perfectly for fruit gift basket because we can see greeting cards inside. Moreover, the plastic give extra layer of shine to the products and keeps it pretty.
With the right kind of plastic wrap and heating source, you can waterproof, tamerproof and weatherproof anything you want, no matter big or small because there's no restriction on size to shrink wrap. Moreover, shrink wrap is recyclable and do no pollution to the environment. Choose the food container packs you are interested in and contact us to discuss the detail packaging and price.

Another widely used packaging solution is cardboard boxes. Read on: Benefits of Packaging Plastic Food Containers with Cardboard Boxes to see a great alternative of shrink wrap.

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