Applications of Shrink Wrap in Packaging Industry
  • 2018-02-02 14:37:06
What is Shrink Wrap
Heat shrink wrapping is a packaging method that wrap the products in clear or color plastic films. After surrounding the products with shrink wrap film, apply heat to shrink the plastic to take the products shape. Shrink films are mainly made from low-density polyethylene film to protect products and holds them strongly together as a sales unit. Some food container manufacturers like Easylock also offers shrink wrap as a food container packaging option.
Shrink Wrapped Plastic Food Container

Different Uses of Shrink Wrap
1. Promotion Items in Supermarket
Shrink wrap are commonly used to pack bottled water, coca cola, plastic food containers, trash bags, soap, DVD, and any other supermarket items to gather together bundle products.

Shrink Wrap Bottled Water

2. Gift Wrapping
Gift shrink wrapping for toys and fruits with a greeting card inside are also a popular option.Use silk ribbon and tie a bowknot to make it looks better.

Gift Set Shrink Wrap

3. Books and Magazine
It's very important to protect books, magazine or other printing written words from moisture while transport or displaying in book store. Shrink wrap is a perfect option to keep water out.

Shrink Wrap Waterproof Solution

4. Large Stuffs and Buildings
Another application of shrink wrap is for large stuffs like boats, export goods and even buildings to prevent damage from explosions and extreme weather events.

Shrink Wrap for Transport

Why shrink wrap is so widely applied in different industry for wrapping different stuffs? We will let you know in the upcoming post: Advantage of Packaging Plastic Food Containers with Shrink Wrap.

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