Can I Combine Different Easylock Food Containers into One Set?
  • 2018-03-01 14:29:30
There are not only single items, but also food container sets available in supermarkets and many online shops like Amazon, Walmart, WholesaleDeals. You might wonder: Can I choose the items I want and combine them into a hot-selling set? This answer is yes, Easylock provides customizing food container combination sets for customers.
Why Wholesalers and Retailers Love Customized Food Container Sets?
There are many different benefits of combining food containers into one set: Saving shipping fees, stimulating consumption and enhancing competitiveness, you name it.

1. Reduce Shipping Fee
Shantou Leqishi Plastic Products Co.,Ltd, the 10-year-old food container manufacturer, develops a complete plastic food container series with a wide range of capacity, from 180ml to 4250ml. You can include the small food containers with lids into large plastic food storage containers. This will significantly reduce space and save up plenty of shipping fee.

2. Stimulate Consumption
A food container set can also stimulate consumption. Let's say you are looking for a double layer lunch boxes for your kid for his picnic and you find a lunch boxes with water bottles sets and remind that your kids need a new sports water bottle and choose the lunch boxes set finally. This product combination strategy can not only bring convenience to your customers but also boost consumption.

3. Enhance Competitiveness
If you have do some market research or wholesale food storage containers before, you will notice that there are many food containers with similar appearance. So, it is very likely that your customers will compare your products with others. If you combine a unique food container set that actually meet the demand of consumer, it is possible that your combination will improve competitiveness and help your business stands out in the market.

Here are a few sample food container sets and lunch boxes sets for you, please check when needed. To discuss more details, please feel free to contact us.

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