Easylock Hot-Sale Food Storage Containers Sets
  • 2018-03-14 10:24:00
Food container sets are ideal options for both food container wholesalers and consumers. For example, food container sets for picnic include all the sizes and shapes that suitable for storing snacks, salad, fruits and drinks. To see why wholesalers and retailers love customized food storage containers sets, please check this post: Combine different Easylock food containers into one set.

As combining various food containers into one set has many advantages like reducing shipping fee, stimulating consumption and enhancing competitions, food container wholesale is commonly accepted. Let's see which are the hot sale food storage containers sets in - Shantou Leqishi Plastic Products Co., Ltd - Easylock.

Best Easylock Food Containers Sets:
1. Plastic Food Containers Set;
2. Glass Food Containers Set;
3. Lunch Boxes Set;
4. Snack Container Set;

1. Plastic food container Set
The superstar food containers set of Easylock must be the 16 Pack Locking Food Container Set.
16 Pack Food Container Set
It's made of 16 different shapes and sizes of food containers, including rectangular, square and round food containers.
Easylock 16 Pack Food Container Set

2. Glass Food Containers Set;
Easylock glass food containers set are also welcomed because glassware are shatter-proof and easily cleaning. Moreover, Easylock glassware are safe in oven and microwave.
Glass Food Container Set
3. Lunch Boxes Set;
The lunch boxes set are prepared perfectly for school kids. The stack-up design takes up least space and portable for kids as a school lunch boxes. The 350ml+550ml lunch boxes allows you to put main dish and juicy foods separately in different boxes. The lunch boxes set also contains water bottles, plastic fork and spoon.
Easylock Lunch Boxes Set
4. Snack Containers Set;
To treat your friends and your visitors with snacks, a compartment plastic food container will be a perfect option to store candies, cookies, and fruits in one snack container.
Snack Containers Set
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