Perfect for Food Storage Containers Wholesalers: Shrink Wrap Or Cardboard Boxes
  • 2018-02-02 15:28:20
What packaging material do you usually use to pack your products for transit and protection? According to the survey, cardboard boxes and shrink wrap are applied widely in different industry.

Choosing the right packaging for your business is essential. Here are several advantages of shrink wrap and corrugated cardboard boxes provided by the food container manufacturer in China - Easylock. Let's check:

Advantage of Packaging Plastic Food Containers with Shrink Wrap
Benefits of Packaging Plastic Food Containers in Cardboard Boxes

Both shrink wrap and cardboard boxes are good packaging options that have various application and advantages. Which one is the best? It depends:

1. Waterproof Solution - Shrink Wrap
For packaging something vulnerable to moisture and water, let's say paper, electronics and more, watertightness are critical and should be one of the formost metrics. Corrugated cardboard boxes are made from paper and it gets weak when contact water. The fragile products inside is very likely to get damaged when transit. On the other hand, shrink wrap works perfectly to keep water inside.

WaterProof Packaging - Shrink Wrap

2. Packing Heavy Stuff - Cardboard Boxes
Both shrink wrap and corrugated boxes can protect stuffs from dust and damage but when it comes to packaging heavy products, a strong packaging solution will be prefer. Cardboard boxes are a better choice when compared to shrink wrap because you can custom different types of cardboard to the strength you need: Single wall, double wall and triple wall box are customizable.

Pack Heavy Stuffs - Custom Cardboard Strength

3. Cost-Effective Solution - Shrink Wrap
Heat shrink wrap is usually heating shrink wrap film to the product shapes while cardboard boxes are normally in rectangular or square shapes. So, shrink wrap packaging can safe more packaging material and space than corrugated cardboard boxes do.

4. For Branding Effects- Cardboard Boxes
If you choose corrugated cardboard boxes, you can customize your company logo, slogan, and color to increase visibility of your company. The branding effects are sustainable. As branding effects expand, customers will have a more unforgettable impressions and will associate the products with your brand. However, online CPC and TV commercials can boost your business in a short time but the advertising effect cease once the marketing campaign stopped.

Print Company Info on Cardboard Boxes

Note: If you need to customize printing on cardboard boxes for food container, you need to know how to choose the correct packaging boxes for food containers.

5. Efficient - Shrink Wrap
Shrink wrap is more efficient than cardboard boxes because cardboard boxes need people to assemble, instead, there are shrink wrap machine which is quick to pack and there's no need for a direct operator. This will shorten lead time to some extend.

6. See Products Through Packaging - Shrink Wrap
Some consumers want to see the products before they decide to buy. Shrink wrap is a perfect packaging solution that can not only protect products from dust, water and impact, but also enables customers to see the products without unpacking.

See Product Through - Shrink Wrap

Both packaging solutions, shrink wrap and corrugated cardboard boxes are available for packaging Easylock food containers, and customizable. You can choose the one that suits your need and discuss with our salesman for detail information.

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