Easylock crisper is of high quality and does no harm to our health because it's made from PP plastic and it's all BPA-free. We can put the plastic storage container in microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator after you remove the lid.

This hot-sale crisper series is of large capacity and is good at storing different types of food.

Easylock CrisperAbsolutely Airtight Plastic Food Containers with BPA Free Lid

The clamshell design on the lid allows you to open it without any effort. You can stack the crisper up with the food in it so that you don't worry that the leftovers take up too much space in your freezer. You can also separate the lid and pile up the crisper in the pantry when it is not needed. It will with no doubt save your space and keep your kitchen tidied.
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