Easy Lock Oven Safe Heat Resistant Glass Food Container
  • Easy Lock Promotional Heat Resistant Square Glass Food Container
Easy Lock Promotional Heat Resistant Square Glass Food Container
  • Capacity  

  • Length  

    137mm / 5.4inch
  • Width  

    137mm / 5.4inch
  • Height  

    67mm / 2.6inch
  • Model  

  • Material  

    Glass Base & Plastic Lid
Product Detail
Product Description:
All Easylock square airtight glass food storage containers are made of high borosilicate glass for more than 11 years.  The glass base is resistant to high temperatures (over 400℃) and impact. As per the lid, we use BPA free polypropylene plastic. It's safe for contacting food and it's perfect for food storage. The locking lids have been tested to open and close more than 3 million times.

Product Parameters:
 Product Name  GHS021
 Material  High borosilicate glass as base;
 BPA-free airtight & leakproof plastic lid; 
 Size   137*137*67mm; 5.4*5.4*2.6inch
 Color  Transparent
 Sealing Method  4-Side Locking Lid
 Application  Perfect for food storing, meats, salad, dough and snacks etc.
 Delivery Time  20-60 Days 
 Payment Terms  L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union 
 Certifications  FDA, LFGB, EU, ISO 9001:2008
 MOQ   2000+ pcs for regular items; 

 Customized printing logo: 1000pcs;
 Customized colors: 6000pcs;  
 Customized shapes, capacities and materials: 100,000pcs;
 Customized packaging: 1500-10000pcs

Products Advantage:
1. 100% Leakproof & Airtight
No matter it's used indoor or outdoor, there's no need to worry about the airtightness at all. The silicone seal ring in the rim of the plastic lid are hollow and guarantee excellent compress and recover properties for millions times.

2. Hot-Sale All-in-One Set
Easylock develops and sells new product lines every year. Every series has different shapes included, rectangular, round, square, tall, etc. and they are combined into different food storage containers sets. You can also combine a brand new set according to your requirements.

3. Kitchen Appliances Safe.
Easylock glass food storage containers can put up with around 400℃ so it is safe in oven and microwave. It can also be put in freezer to keep your foods or leftovers fresh. Glass is the material that difficult to absorb odors or smell. You will find it super simple to wash the food containers. You can put it into dishwasher and have it cleaned. Remember to put it on top rack rather than put it in bottom rack to keep the food containers safe.

4. +40% Space Saved
You are allowed to separate the base and the lid to safe more space in your fridge, freezer, cabinets and more.

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