Airtight Food Storage Containers Glass
  • Easylock Large Glass Containers with Lids for Food Storage
Easylock Large Glass Containers with Lids for Food Storage
  • Capacity  

  • Length  

    180mm / 7.1inch
  • Width  

    180mm / 7.1inch
  • Height  

    77mm / 3inch
  • Model  

  • Material  

    Glass Body & Plastic Lid
Product Detail
Product Description:
Kitchen storage containers like Easylock glass food storage containers are having upwarding trends. The space saving design makes it loved and hot-sale all over the world.

Product Parameters:
 Product Name  GHR031
 Material  Easylock glass food containers use:
 High borosilicate glass as base;
 Recyclable PP plastic for airtight lid; 
 Size   Length: 180mm / 7.1inch; 
 Width: 180mm / 7.1inch; 
 Height: 77mm / 3inch 
 Color  Transparent
 Sealing Method  Lociking Lid
 Application  Store foods, fruits and liquids in kitchen
 Delivery Time  20-60 Days 
 Payment Terms  T/T, Paypal, L/C, Western Union 
 Certifications  LFGB, EU, FDA 
 Packaging  It differs:
 For normal packaging, it will be film + packaging;
 For individual packaging, it will be brown box, white box, color box and gift box
 MOQ   2000+ pcs for regular items; 

 Customized printing logo: 1000pcs;
 Customized colors: 6000pcs;  
 Customized materials, capacities and shapes: 100,000pcs;
 Customized packaging: 1500-10000pcs

Products Advantage:
1. Heat-Resistant Glass Base & BPA-Free PP Plastic Lid
Easylock glass food storage containers adopt high-borosilicate glass as its material. And the airtight lids uses BPA-free PP plastic. Both of them are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The glass surface of the food containers are smooth and stain-proof. High-borosilicate glass is more heat-resistant than that of tempered glass. It's safe under 400℃.

2. Leakproof, Airtight and Watertight Guaranteed.
The silicone sealing gasket designed on the lid makes our Easylock food containers leakproof and absolutely airtight. The 4-side-lock lid helps lock the lid and prevent leaking. It's perfect for food storing especially for juicy foods or soup.

2. Kitchen Appliances Safe.
As mentioned above, high-borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, Easylock glass food containers are safe in oven and microwave. It is also available in dishwasher and it's freezer safe. Just be sure that you use the glass food containers between -20℃ to 400℃.
Note: Remove the lids when use glass food containers in microwave and oven. It's only top-rack dishwasher safe, please don't put it in bottom rack.

3. Space-saving
All Easylock glass food containers are stackable with lids on. You can stack the food containers up in closet, freezer or on countertop of your kitchen.
Use & Care
Safe in oven and microwave.
Avoid cooking on directly on open fire.
Do not heat overtime or empty container.
Remove the lid when using in microwave or oven.
Avoid strong impact of your glass food containers.
Glass food containers are stackable with the lids on.
Do not use glass food containers that have crack on it.
Do not use with aluminium-foil paper in oven & microwave.
Don't wipe hot food container with wet cloth in case breakage.
Remove lids when microwaving, dishwashing or heating foods in oven.
Use gloves when taking out hot glass food containers from microwave oven.
Choose default function if the oven have both microwave and bake function.
Don't freeze food with glass food containers for long time. It might break the glass.
Unfreeze glass food containers to room temperature before puting into pre-heated oven.
Avoid abrasive cleaners or stainless steel scourer to prevent scratches on the glass surface.
Don't fill the glass food containers to much before freezing juicy foods, otherwise it might have volume expansion that cause breakage of the glass.

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