• [Press Release] Easylock Launches Plastic Cereal Container Series
    • 2017-12-13

    Shantou, China, Dec 2017 - Easylock, the trusted plastic/glass food storage containers manufacturer, announced the launch of the latest plastic cereal containers series. Reasons to Choose Easylock Plastic Cereal Container 1.USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The plastic cornflakes containers are designed with ergonomic grip and flip top spout to easy handling and smooth pouring. The built-in measurement on the...

  • Why Raw Material Prices are Increasing in China in Q4 of 2016?
    • 2017-02-08

    You might have noticed that in Q4 of 2016, the raw material prices of some industry has grown sharply. This also affects plastic industry that Easylock (Shantou Leqishi Plastic Products Co., Ltd) is in. The raw material price of some industries have an increase raging from 8% to 19%. Some suppliers have no choice but to slightly increase the price. What on earth that results in the rise of the pri...

  • Why Your Products Could Face Shipping Delay - Pollution War in China
    • 2017-01-06

    Recently, there are many factories complaining about the shortage issue of raw material and many distributors and wholesalers complaining that their products are facing shipping delay. What happened? Recently, the central government of China has sent a large number of inspection teams into Shanghai and Guangdong to inspect air pollution. To avoid further testing and potential fines, many factories...

  • Easylock Marathon 4KM Fun Run on Christmas Day
    • 2016-12-28

    As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We believe that a healthy body is the basic requirement of doing a good job. Early in the morning on December 25th, our sales team set off for Christmas 4KM Fun Run. We gather and do warm-ups. The race starts now! It's a sunny day. The eldest racer is 82 years old and the youngest one is only 2 years old. The participants com...

  • [Social Media] Easylock Official SNS Accounts In Service
    • 2017-09-27

    To give you a multi-dimensional Easylock image, we put Easylock official SNS accounts in service. You can not only get the latest news & notice of the new products, sales promotion and product features, but also tips & tricks for life and see other heated topic on the Internet. Follow us and you are not gonna miss a thing: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ieasylock/ Linkedin: https://cn....

  • Food Storage Containers Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2017-2021
    • 2017-02-14

    End-users today focus more on extending the shelf life of their food and preventing cross contamination. Moreover, more foodservice like restaurants and groceries which needs food storage containers are continuously increasing. These two factors drive the growth prospects for the global food storage containers market. CAGR Forecast during 2017-2021 According to the recent survey of the well-known ...

  • How Chinese New Year Affects Your Import Business
    • 2017-03-06

    Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. People stop their to their hometown to get toghther with their families and friends. How Long Does Chinese New Year Lasts The Chinese New Year lasts 1 week officially. However, in many Chinese factory, administration staffs take two weeks off and the production workers take at least 4-6 weeks. Why? Many worker...

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