Oven Safe Glass Food Storage Containers
  • Oven Safe High-Borosilicate Small Glass Food Storage Containers
Oven Safe High-Borosilicate Small Glass Food Storage Containers
  • Capacity  

  • Length  

    153mm / 6inch
  • Width  

    114mm / 4.5inch
  • Height  

    58mm / 2.3inch
  • Model  

  • Material  

    High-Borosilicate Glass
Product Detail
Features of Easylock Heat Resistant High-Borosilicate Glass Food Containers
1. Food-Grade Material.
Easylock glass food storage containers are made of healthy high-borosilicate glass food containers with BPA-free plastic lids.

2. Absolutely Airtight.
The silicone seal strip on the lids make it 100% air proof and water proof. It's leak resistant and enables you to store soups in it.

3. Stackable.
It's space-saving. You can pile them up and place them in your cabinet without making a mess in your kitchen.

4. Tolerate Extreme Temperatures.
The boric acid in borosilicate make Easylock reusable glass food containers heat-resistant. It can put up with temperatures from -140℃ to 400℃. So, it is safe not only in dishwasher and freezer, but also microwave and oven.

5. Odor-Resistant.
The glass food storage containers allows us to clean odor with ease.

6. Different Shapes and Sizes.
Easylock provides various sizes and shapes of glass food containers for you including rectangular, round and square food keepers.

Microwave Safe Glass Food Storage Containers Are Perfect For:
1. Store meats and veggies
2. Keep fruits and salads
3. Reheat BBQ directly in food containers
4. Keep leftovers fresh in freezer.

Cooperations with Easylock Glass Food Storage Containers
Easylock is a reliable manufacturer that provides high-quality glass food container to kids, adults, office workers and more. Now, we are looking for more exclusive agency all over the world. Please contact us if you have interest in cooperating with us.
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