Can Hot Food Containers be Put into Refrigerator
  • 2017-05-08 08:53:12

We all know that most food containers are safe in microwave and refrigerator, including Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Ziploc and easylockware plastic food containers and glass food containers. But, does it means that it is safe to directly fridge hot food storage containers in refrigerator? Let’s figure it out in the following paragraphs:

Will It Do Harm to Food Container?

It’s true that plastic food containers are microwave safe and freezer safe and glass food containers are even oven safe. However, take glass food containers for example, over 120℃ sudden temperature change will result in crack or even breakage of the food containers.

Will It Do Harm to Refrigerator?

Refrigerator shelf are more resistant to heat and cold because it’s made of tempered glass. It won’t break the refrigerator shelf if hot food containers are put into freezer. However, the refrigerator should work harder to cool the hot foods which will use more electricity to do this.

Refrigerator Food Storage Containers

Advice to Use Food Storage Containers in Refrigerator

1.Directly put hot food containers in refrigerators will cause potential risks of damaging the refrigerator or food container. So, cooling hot food storage containers to room temperature on kitchen counter before putting it into refrigerator will be highly recommended.

2.Transfer foods from hot container to other small food storage containers. Small food containers will help cooling down hot foods in short time. Wait for an hour or two before putting them into refridgerator.

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