Top 10 Injection Molding Defects of Plastic Products - #Part 1
  • 2017-11-22 16:36:27
The first thing a sourcing manager cares about is, with no doubt, quality. Today, let's follow Easylockware to check top 10 plastic food containers injection defects a sourcing manager should avoid:

Injection molding is a common process to manufacture components that made of plastics, glasses, polymers and metals. Materials are melted and injected into a mold with certain pressure. A great mold can increase production capacity of a company. However, a small mistake can also lead to expensive costings of a manufacturer.

1. Short Shots.
The situation when the molten plastic doesn’t occupy the mold completely and lead to lack of plastic in a portion is called a short shot.
Plastic Food Containers Defects to Avoid
2. Voids.
Vacuum voids or bubbles are air trapped inside or near the surface of the injection mold. It’s easily broken certain pressure.
How to Find A Good Plastic Food Container Supplier
3. Burn Marks.
Burn marks can be identified as black or dark red discoloration when the plastic burns during the injection. It usually occurs at the last place in the mold cavities. The cause of burn marks is air inside the mold gets compressed by molded plastic and get burns. The black color is the carbon residue from the burned flowing plastic.

4. Delamination.
Delamination refers to the thin flaking surface that looks like coatings that can be peeled off. It appears on the part due to a contaminant material or insufficent layer bonding because of inhomogeneities and high shear stresses.
Plastic Food Container Manufacturer
5. Jetting.
Jetting appears when the plastic melt directly flows through the gate into open cavity at high injection speed. It appear as rough or squiggly strands on the surface of the plastic mouldings.

The causes of these injection defects are different: Lack of molten materials, high flowing speeds and trapped air inside, etc. However, they lead to one result: Appearance flaw or features defect of the plastic products.

Easylock is proud to promise you that our plastic food storage containers have gone through different tests. We have our QC team working hard according to our own quality control system, which has a higher standard than the industry ones.

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