Guide for Plastic Food Containers Sourcing Managers & Buyers to Avoid Defective Products
  • 2017-12-27 17:25:44

Are you freaking out choosing the best supplier from hundreds and thousands of factories/companies from different channels? Let's say Trade Shows,, etc.

Quality is one of the most important factors that a sourcing manager cares about when you are looking forward to cooperate with a food container manufacturer for your business before you consider production capacity, price, delivery time and other factors. Knowing the common sense of plastic injection products can help you a lot.

First thing first, you need to know the common injection molding defection of plastic food containers. Here are top 10 plastic product defections that you should be aware of:
10 Plastic Injection Molding Defects #Part 1
10 Plastic Injection Molding Defects #Part 2

Some injection molding defects of plastic food containers only affect the appearance of the products, however, some would even do harm to the quality of the plastic food containers. Injection molding machines, mold, material, and operator are the mainly cause of plastic food containers defects. It seems like plastic injection molding defects occur on many aspects and it's inevitable? Of course not.

Avoid purchasing defective products:
1. Check whether the plastic raw material are of high quality or not?
2. Check whether the molds and molding machines are well maintained?
3. Check whether the company has a strict quality control process?

A professional plastic food storage containers manufacturer with mature sourcing team, engineer team and QC team can minimize plastic injection defects.

Take Easylock for example, all raw material we use are made of BPA-free PP plastic, which are food-grade and certified by FDA, LFGB and EU. When it comes to the production process, regular mold and molding machine maintenance are critical. The hard works of these two departments can reduce the possibility of injection molding machine. But it's not the end. We have a QC team follows the quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 strictly to stop defective products from stepping into the market.

While considering cooperating with a new plastic food container supplier, quality is way more important than other factors. Wish you find a reassuring supplier. If you have any interest in cooperate with us, you are highly welcomed to contact us: OEM service and brand agents are available now. Wish you everything goes very well.

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