How to Choose Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Food Containers
  • 2017-04-18 15:16:27
Dishwashers are sometimes considered a kitchen appliance apprehensive because it causes horrible results if not appropriately used. Some plastics are safe in dishwasher while some are not.

In the previous articles, we’ve shown you what do the numbers on plastic products mean. There are 7 different types of plastic frequently used in our daily use. However, only some of them are safe in dishwasher and some can only be washed by hands.

Which Plastic Types are Safe in Dishwasher
1.HDPE (Type 2). It’s always be used to produce plastic bottles and milk jugs.
2.LDPE (Type 4). It’s used to produce food storage containers.
3.PP (Type 5). It’s always be used to produce toxin-free products like reusable food grade PP Plastic food containers. and beverage containers. It’s all BPA-free and won’t leach chemicals.
plastic food storage containers

Cautions: All the plastic food storage containers mentioned above are merely top-rack dishwasher safe. If you put the plastic in the lower-rack, it’s very likely that your food containers will melt or break because the intense heat and water pressure of the lower-rack will damage your plastics.

Do Not Take Risks to Use These Plastics in Dishwasher
1.PET (Type 1). It’s mainly be used to produce disposable water bottles.

2.PVC (Type 3). It’s used as the materials of clear water bottles, baby bottle nipples and more.

water bottles

If you are not very sure whether the plastic products are safe for dishwasher, the easiest way is to check the numeric code in a triangle at the bottom of the products or to contact the manufacturer to confirm that.
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